Stage managers' Association

The Stage Managers' Association - SMA

The Stage Managers' Association (SMA) stands as a crucial pillar in the world of live entertainment, dedicated to advancing the art and craft of stage management. Established to support and empower stage managers across various disciplines, SMA plays an integral role in shaping the behind-the-scenes landscape of theatrical productions, concerts, and events.

Founded on the principles of collaboration, education, and advocacy, the SMA serves as a unifying force for stage managers worldwide. It provides a platform for professionals to share insights, best practices, and resources, fostering a community that thrives on mutual support. The association actively promotes the continuous development of stage management skills, recognizing the pivotal role these individuals play in ensuring the seamless execution of live performances.

One of SMA's primary objectives is to advocate for the recognition and fair treatment of stage managers. This includes negotiating equitable contracts, addressing workplace challenges, and championing the importance of stage management within the broader entertainment industry.

Through workshops, conferences, and networking events, SMA facilitates ongoing education and networking opportunities, allowing stage managers to stay abreast of industry trends and innovations. By doing so, the association not only elevates the status of stage managers but also contributes to the overall excellence and professionalism of live productions around the globe.


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